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Botanical Regulatory Consulting (BRC) specializes in FDA - Regulatory Compliance for Botanical Products in the United States. 


Our team is composed of herbalists, researchers, regulatory professionals, and business developers.  BRC teams up with independent consultants from across the country, all qualified experts in their field.  Working with independent consultants allows BRC to accommodate a wide variety of regulatory projects, finding specialized solutions that are in the best interests of our clients.

Collectively we aspire to assist the advancement of botanical medicine, providing the regulatory support necessary to get innovative botanical products to market. 

Rebecca Mains, MSc. - Founder

Rebecca Mains is the founder of BRC, Botanical Regulatory Consulting, she holds a graduate degree in Biomedical Regulatory Affairs from the University of Washington where she became proficient in the FDA regulations for botanical products.  Rebecca’s passion for botanical medicine grew from her involvement in a medicinal cannabis company she started with her brother in Washington state.  From there, Rebecca pursued a Pharmacognosy degree from Bastyr University where she contributed to several botanical research projects.  Currently, Rebecca works with multiple botanical drug companies aiming to get FDA approval for a botanical drug products.  Her primary focus is CNS botanical drug products, however, she is well versed in all botanical medicine products.  In addition to her contract work Rebecca is also a board member on the Bastyr University Institutional Review Board (IRB), where she shares her expertise in the clinical development of botanical products. 

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Nanr Maines, BA - Business Director

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Nanr has had an exciting career of developing businesses and project management. She holds a business degree from Washington State University and specializes in supporting the development of small businesses, she is known for recognizing opportunities that create win-win scenarios. Nanr’s expertise allows BRC and our clients to benefit from the fresh ideas and creative solutions that she brings to the botanical products industry. 

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